According to the Scrum Guide a Scrum Team should consist of a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 9-10 people. Within larger organisations it is customary for multiple Scrum Teams to work together on the same product of application. A technique to have multiple Scrum Teams working on the same product is the “Scrum of Scrums”.


What is the Scrum of Scrums?

The “Scrum of Scrum” is a technique to bring multiple Scrum Teams together within a scaled agile organisation. Every Scrum Team has one representative, someone that has been chosen by the Scrum Team. Every representative of the individual Scrum Teams represents the entire team, the representatives get together during the “Scrum of Scrums” meeting to coordinate the work being delivered by the Scrum Teams. 

Scrum of Scrums meeting

All the representatives of the individual Scrum Teams get together during the “Scrum of Scrums” meeting. In practice this is a meeting that usually takes place 2 times a week to make sure dependencies are resolved quickly. The formation of the representatives in the “Scrum of Scrums” meeting can only change when the underlying Scrum Teams decide to appoint a new representative. The goal of this meeting is to reduce the lines of communication between the members of the teams. This increases transparency and also leads to a better coordination and integration of the work that is delivered. This technique is often applied in large organizations, working on complex products.

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