The “Definition of Done”

The “Definition of Done”?

What exactly is the “Definition of Done” within Scrum? Well It’s an agreement between the members of the Scrum Team, ensuring your team understands what it takes to finalize a task or feature. When your team declares it’s “Done,” it signifies that they have met all criteria needed to finish a task, userstory or feature and hand it over to the Product Owner for delivery.

The “Definition of Done” is unique to each Product Backlog, establishing the ground rules for quality. The Development Team creates it to fit the project’s specific requirements. For example, if you are baking pancakes. One criterion for the definition of “Done” might be that all pancakes must be fully browned on both sides before they leave the kitchen. This makes it very specific and easy to quantify.

Here are the essential components:

Clear and Understandable:

The “Definition of done” should be crystal clear and easily comprehensible to every team member. it is a simple checklist that outlines the necessary accomplishments.

Unambiguous Criteria:

Avoid using vague terms like “almost done” or “mostly complete.” Instead, the Development Team should be explicit about what constitutes “Done.” This may cover aspects such as code review, testing, documentation, and even user acceptance.

Consistent and Uniform:

Every item on your Product Backlog should adhere to the same “Done” criteria. This consistency ensures that the team’s output maintains a high standard, Sprint after Sprint.

Revisited and Refined:

Continuous improvement is one of the most important elements of the Scrum Framework and the “Definition of Done” helps in achieving it. As your team learns and grows, the “Definition of Done” should be regularly reviewed and refined to keep up with evolving needs.


This simple yet powerful concept is the key to delivering successful projects in Scrum because it creates clarity on what has to be achieved before something is finished and it guarantees quality Sprint after Sprint. The “Definition of Done” should be clear, specific and constantly refined along the way.

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